Auditorio de Galicia. Santiago de Compostela


Auditorio de Galicia
Avda do Burgo das Nacións, s/n,
Santiago de Compostela, 15704 . Spain
Tel. +34 981 57 41 52

This large complex, which hosts a top-rate music and exhibition programme all year long, is made up of a series of stone volumes overlooking the pond in the Música en Compostela park. Neighbouring the University’s North Campus and a few steps from the monumental centre, it features two auditoriums, an exhibition hall and other rooms, as well as a cafeteria with views of historic buildings.

The Auditorio de Galicia building revealed its city-building vocation by respecting the existing square and turning it into a grand urban setting, arcaded on two sides, serving as the building’s outdoor anteroom. The prismatic volume of the gridiron of the auditorium’s main hall rises up behind the sober portico.

This blind volume, which is totally covered with a blind granite wall, is the building’s visual reference point, from the different parts of Santiago, from which it is visible.

An existing stream was used to create a large expanse of water, behind the building, where the Parque da Música en Compostela was designed in connection with the cultural facilities. The auditorium offers a magnificent view of the park and the historical city, in the background, by means of generous window panes, such as the restaurant gallery, which is projected over the water.